Armson Management Limited

SIRI Marine


Weather Dependent Lashing 

Reduce labour costs & time in port.

Siri Marine has developed a Class approved Weather Dependent Lashing System (WDL) that assists Master to the safe level of lashing for each voyage.
Trim Optimization 

Siri Marine’s Trim Optimization Package makes  saving fuel easier.

The sysyem includes sensors which measures vessel movement. Our smart software projects the vessel’s current position in relation to its ideal position, helping Masters adjust speed, ballast or course to save up to 5% in fuel consumption.

Structural Integrity Monitoring 

Prevent Damage – Extend operating life.

The natural frequency of oil & gas structures tends change over their lifespan.  To asses if this will lead to future problems it is important to start structural monitoring as soon as possible.

Cargo monitoring.

Decisions based on measurements.

Siri Marine uses motion reference units with in-house developed support software to measure & monitor the actual motions of and the forces acting on a vessel & its cargo.

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